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Referrals to attend our services can be made in various ways. The service user (or their carer/family representative) can approach our service directly and make enquiries on how to attend. Alternatively, users can be referred to the service by their respective local authority (Social services – Adults Team) for placement under a Spot Contract arrangement. An assessment will then be carried out by our service to ensure  that the referred person is suitable to attend and in turn, whether following their trial placement/taster session, they wish to continue attending.

If placement is successful, a Spot Contract  will then be set up either between the user (their carer/family representative) or with their respective Local Authority so payments can be set up as this service is not free.

Alternately, individuals can access our service through a direct payment arrangement where they purchase a day care session which has been set up with them through their local authority. Also, a private arrangement can be made directly with us.

Finally, under day opportunities individuals subject to prior assessment and availability/capacity can purchase an activities session at a set charge. 

If you are interested and would like to personally visit us to find out what we offer, we have allocated Friday of each week between 11.00 am- 12.00 pm for you to drop-in and visit us, but please ring first on 0208 8812329 to arrange this – Ask for John or Shenkay.